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The Agudas Achim and Ezrath Jewish congregations combined in 2003 to form Congregation Agudas Achim - Ezrath Israel. Temple Agudas Achim-Ezrath Israel also offers programs for men and women and holds Shabbat geared towards children and families.

Message from the Rabbi

Dear Friends,
Ten days ago we observed Yom Ha-Shoah, in our early Holocaust Remembrance day program jointly sponsored on an annual basis by Congregation Agudas Achim – Ezrath Israel and Temple Tifereth Israel. Sylvia Sandler of AA-EI and Ed Morris of TTI chaired a very moving and poignant event. We began with a religious ceremony including children’s poetry of the Holocaust, (including, I Never Saw Another Butterfly) and music sensitively presented by Phyllis Werlin and Bryna Tabasky. Members of both congregations kindled six yellow memorial candles after sharing readings dedicated by each candle to a category of victims of the Shoah.

Our guest speaker was Michael Good. Dr. Good is a physician from the Hartford area. He grew up in California, the son of Holocaust survivors. As Dr. Good recounted to us in his talk, he didn’t take an interest in the experience of his parents until later in life. Then, in his forties, he took his parents, his wife, and children on a trip to Lithuania. In Vilna (today Vilnius,) his mother brought the family to the work camp where she served as a slave laborer. She spoke of the mysterious Major Plagge, a German officer who was the commandant of the camp, and who, she claimed, had saved her and hundreds of other Jews from death. “He was better than Schindler” she proclaimed. What had become of this Major Plagge? He had vanished with the retreating German army at the end of the war and was never heard from again. It troubled Dr. Good that no one knew of his fate – and especially that he might have had children, or others who didn’t know of Plagge’s heroic acts and might have believed their father to be a war criminal. So began Dr. Good’s difficult and ultimately rewarding quest to search for records of Major Plagge, and to document his remarkable actions, and to accord him the recognition he deserved including designation as one of the Righteous Among the Nations at Yad Va-Shem in Israel.

After Dr. Good’s presentation we had the opportunity to purchase his book and to talk with him about our impressions. I highly recommend his book to anyone who wishes to find a glimmer of hope in the darkness of the Holocaust – hope that someday we will find a way to encourage more people to take personal responsibility to act on what they know to be humane, honorable, just, and kind, even in the face of overwhelming pressure to succumb to hatred, bigotry, and despite the crushing weight of bureaucratic demands.

As we prepare to celebrate this week the renewal of our people in Israel, and the amazing resilience of the Jewish people in the face of adversity and loss, let us rededicate ourselves to seeking Shalom – Healing for ourselves and others in the world. We shall continue to move forward with determination and courage, as the Partisan’s song goes, “Let our marching steps thunder – we survive!” We survive with a purpose – we remember with a purpose – we march forward with a purpose – to bring blessing to ourselves and others, to answer hatred with love, intolerance with acceptance, and death with rebirth.

Am Yisrael Chai – The People of Israel Live!

P.S. You can read more about Dr. Good’s research at: His book is available in print and electronically at

Rabbi David Kudan

Holiday Services

Holiday services will be conducted by Rabbi David Kudan, accompanied by Sexton Wayne Freedman and Cantorial Soloist Phyllis Werlin, as well as lay leaders of the Congregation. Click Services for further information on our regular services and our special holiday services.

Dates to Remember
  • May 30 -Friday night service
  • An Evening Service of Song and Celebration in honor of Collaboration.
    Joint Oneg Shabbat with Temple Tifereth Israel. More information to follow.
A Celebration to Remember
  • CHANUKAH CELEBRATION - Click here to see pictures.

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